Chapter 184: Rinsyi, on stage!

Chapter 184: Rinsyi, on stage!

The score was actually three-one!

Even if Agate Lake Academy couldn't win any of the remaining fights, even if the final score ended up being five-three in favor of Golden Stag Academy, it would still be an achievement to be proud of.

Because it was plain for everyone to see that even the substitutes in team Golden Stag were celebrity-level contestants with three open arcane gates.

But seeing Connie covered in blood, everyone clearly felt that Agate Lake Academy's wouldn't stop there!

“Before that, the weak teams couldn't display their real level anytime they ran into a powerful team, so the matches ended with an overwhelming score, and they couldn't even pose the slightest threat to the powerful teams. Only a blood-soaked battle like this can be called a real match!”

Many people in the stands couldn't help but suddenly voice this thought.

“Another substitute?”

Just then, the deathly quiet arena suddenly erupted again.

A short and small boy with a peculiar red in the rim of the eyes walked out...

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