Chapter 183: A fight soaked in blood!

Chapter 183: A fight soaked in blood!

Agate Lake Academy fought Golden Stag Academy to two-nil!

After the huge shock, the spectators in the stands became completely excited.

The score was two-nil, while Nikita and Sophia, the two strongest persons in Agate Lake Academy, hadn't even made their appearance yet.

Five against the remaining three, while Golden Stag Academy also seemed to be fielding substitutes only.

In that case, this match was no longer a match with a foregone conclusion, but a truly suspenseful match.

“Well done! Agate Lake Academy, you're doing good!”

At this time, the most excited was team Hawkmoon.

If Agate Lake Academy were truly to eliminate Golden Stag Academy, then the greatest winner would be team Hawkmoon!

“Leo against Hedi!”

“It's really another substitute! Is Golden Stag Academy really going to field an all-substitute lineup? It's going to be dangerous for them now!”

“That Pires, he fought pretty well last time anyway, but now he doesn't even have the chance to come on stage because his performance wasn't satisfying enough?”

Kleis' voice sent the stands into another ...

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