Chapter 182: Two-nil!

Chapter 182: Two-nil!

Tall and skinny, his arms and legs seeming particularly long, Gezny looked cooly at the black-haired Hedi making her way into the field. His captain Rinsyi's words still rang in his ears. “You guys should have seen how these guys from St. Lauren provoked us. That's why your answer should be to give them even more pain and regrets. You have to understand that you can't show the slightest mercy when you face an enemy.”

“Don't blame me. If you want to blame someone, then blame yourselves for becoming our enemies.” Gezny lightly shook his head and gestured at Kleis he was ready.

“What a pity, such a pretty girl, but soon she might well be killed or maybe ruined.” Standing with team Golden Stage beside the field, Megan, the flirtatious girl nicknamed the “Black Widow Huntress,” covered her smile with her hand. “It seems a little too cruel.”

“Megan, could you please stop with your constant ironic comments? They give me goosebumps.” Beside her, the cold-faced Hill suddenly frowned. “When are you going to remove...

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