Chapter 181: For honor, for St. Lauren

Chapter 181: For honor, for St. Lauren

“Say, Nikita, what's the relationship between you and Rinloran?”

“Be honest and fess up, when did you become so chummy with Rinloran!”

“Who would have thought, Nikita, you secretly started dating this handsome guy. That said, Rinloran looks very much like a pretty girl. Instead of giving yourself to an outsider, you might as let this sister enjoy you instead.”

Team Agate Lake was making its way inside the tunnel reserved for participants in the Arena of Fire and Blood. Nikita's face was red down to the ears as her teammates chatted around her. She explained, extremely shy, “I'm not... We just met when shopping for something, then I lent him some money.”

“Woah, even a money-lending story that happened, no wonder you two look so intimate now,” some Agate Lake girls shouted in a dramatic fashion.

“How are we intimate...” Nikita was so embarrassed she even had trouble speaking. “He just said a few words of encouragement.”

“He especially came to see you and encourage you, isn't that being intimate? Why didn't he come and encourage us?”

“That's right. That Rinloran never spoke...

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