Chapter 180: Ayrin's might

Chapter 180: Ayrin's might

“Pitter-patter, pitter-patter...”

Early at dawn. Ayrin stood calmly in a wide and empty training hall inside the infirmary. His ten fingers repeatedly folded together in an unending stream of various postures. Not only the speed was enough to make one dizzy, they also made soft rhythmic sounds.

“He's trained Ciaran's Logic Fingers to such a degree... This guy, he entered the particle-condensing state so fast...”

Songat stood not far away from Ayrin, nibbling on a big chunk of ground-meat pie without the slightest care in the world, but a strange light kept shining in the deepest part of his eyes.

Liszt and Cana also stood beside him, watching Ayrin.

“Now that I've opened the second arcane gate... the power of arcane particles is indeed different... Sure enough, my body isn't back to its peak condition yet.”

Ayrin had totally sunken himself in the particle-condensing state. His body produced arcane particles one after another inside him, pouring them nonstop into his two gates. He could also clearly feel that these arcane particles he'd condensed were much more powerful and harder to control. As the vessel for compressing arcane particles, many places inside his body felt as though they'd crack open with a single moment of carelessness.

He knew these places were the places that had...

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