Chapter 179: Passing the tests

Chapter 179: Passing the tests

“What's Silver Trout doing?”

“They're actually fielding an all-substitute lineup just like Golden Stag Academy. They might have won five three, but it looks like their victory was full of danger.”

“Top teams are top teams after all. Even their substitutes are formidable. But they're still clearly a bit worse than Golden Stag substitutes. Among all the teams this year, Golden Stag Academy should have the strongest bench.”

In the Arena of Fire and Blood, excited cheers and shouts and comments came nonstop from the stands.

After the match between Holy Dawn Academy and Rapier Academy, the members who'd fought for Silver Trout Academy had all been substitutes. As a result, the match had been rather thrilling as each side scored in turn, and it went all the way to five three before they finally defeated Salt Armor Academy.

“It seems their state of mind has adjusted pretty well. Next round will be more difficult for us,” Chris quietly said, looking at team Silver Trout as they stood not far a...

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