Chapter 178: The raging roar of victory

Chapter 178: The raging roar of victory

“Captain! Captain, wake up!”

Team Rapier was in chaos.

After experiencing a cruel match, Aloix and Andariel had truly been the only two left out of the five members of the main roster. Now that the opponent had smacked both of them unconscious without any nonsense, the three substitutes left were even wondering whether there was any need to continue the match.

“In the previous match, wasn't this guy clearly trash that could only take hits?”

“Was he hiding his strength?”

“What the hell, what kind of team is Holy Dawn Academy, every one of them is so strange!”

“Haha, everyone in Holy Dawn Academy stands out so much, they're so interesting!”

All sorts of moods ran through the spectators, but most of them felt they hadn't come to watch the match in vain.

“With your arcane levels, it's impossible to face him with raw strength. There are two ways for you guys now. One, keep running as fast as you can and always avoid facing him head-on, consume...

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