Chapter 177: Moss' progress

Chapter 177: Moss' progress

“The match is starting soon, please hand over your fighting lineup and then get ready!”

“Holy Dawn Academy against Rapier Academy, Moss against Aloix.”

“That red-haired kid is the first one to fight for Holy Dawn Academy again.”

“Last time against Mountain Kings Academy, the only thing this red-haired kid did was basically to take hits. Why does Holy Dawn Academy keep sending him as the vanguard?”

Although Ayrin couldn't recover from his wounds and return to team Holy Dawn, this team ranked as a weeds-level team still had given everyone a very strange feeling. Moreover, in the middle of the Evil Dragon followers' turmoil, the focal point of their teams' offensive inside the contestant village was precisely team Holy Dawn. For that reason, on this second day after the national tournament resumed, team Holy Dawn still garnered everyone's attention.

“Do your best!”

Chris and the others all cheered for Moss as he took to the field, encouraging him.

“Haha, I think you better not go on stage, or else you might be embarrassed. That said, I'm not really interested in a team like Rapier Academy either. I have to...

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