Chapter 176: The Salamander Pit training

Chapter 176: The Salamander Pit training

Ayrin got out of bed before the sun rose, just as he usually did back in Holy Dawn Academy.

After a simple wash, he immediately started doing various stretches, then began a series of basic physical exercises.

After being treated for more than ten days, he already looked like an ordinary person on the surface. There were even no scars left on his skin thanks to his astounding regenerative abilities.

Only, Ayrin could tell his body was much stiffer than before. Many movements and postures that would have been easy for him before were simply impossible now. Even his physical strength seemed to have regressed.

However, though he was still forbidden from condensing arcane particles, he could at least do these basic exercises and start to improve again on his body and strength. He wasn't bored anymore.

He'd worked up a good sweat after two hours of uninterrupted training. His looked faintly burned red, as though his skin had been scorched by fire.

Ayrin stopped, gasped for air, then emptied two bottles of medicine sitting by his bed after he'd stopped sweating. Then he inside the pool that could be filled with hot water, and took a steaming bath.

He heard a knock at the door after changing into a clean infirmary gown and resting for perhaps ten minutes. Cana came in, pushing a dining car in front of her, making her appearance...

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