Chapter 173 New competition schedule

Chapter 173 New competition schedule

“Look, it's team Silver Trout.”

“Who would have thought the genius freshman Shinro would be a henchman of the Evil Dragon followers.”

“I thought we had a new crazy genius freshman in town, I thought team Silver Trout had the strength to challenge for the cup this year, but now...”

Walking down an avenue in Eichemalar on sundown, all of team Silver Trout seemed very tired after just coming back from a long investigation.

Every member of team Silver Trout had been very proud before, but their mood was very low now that comments like these dogged them. They had a little trouble walking with their heads held high.

His head low, his eyes staying on the ground all along, never looking up a single once, captain Nolan suddenly said in a quiet voice when they reached the end of the avenue, “When we were being interrogated by lord Newslan from our house earlier today, I already applied as a sentry in the Southam Demon Forest after the tournament. I'll join the Shadowfiend Corps there.”


All the other members of the team were shocked when they...

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