Chapter 172: Holy Gate of Life

Chapter 172: Holy Gate of Life

“Only... the power of arcane skill still depends on the strength of arcane particles,” Ayrin then immediately said, vexed,

“The more arcane gate you open, the stronger the arcane skills will naturally become.”

“Only, there are countless types of arcane skills, some have very unique methods of combining particles with arcane energy...”

“Teacher Liszt! If I understand you correctly, you already have your eyes on a suitable skill?” Ayrin interrupted Liszt before he could even finish.

“Truly surging with excitement.” Liszt smiled. He said, imitating Minlur's tone, “You were wounded heavily enough to be unconscious for three days, but you're already this full of fighting spirit just after waking up. That's right, you hit it on the nail, I already prepared for you an arcane skill that'll make you even stronger.”

“What arcane skill is it?” Ayrin asked, full of excitement.

“The secret skill Holy Gate of Life,” Liszt said.

On the side, Cana almost fell down head first when she heard.

“Holy Gate of Life?” Ayrin's eyes...

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