Chapter 171: Opening the second arcane gate

Chapter 171: Opening the second arcane gate

“You finally woke up,” the woman shouted, facing him. She immediately came to Ayrin's bedside.

Ayrin was certain now he'd never seen her before, but the worry and the joy on her face instantly gave Ayrin a feeling of intimacy.

Only now did Ayrin clearly realize he was wrapped in thick white bandages, looking like a big radish.

“Where am I? What, how long did I sleep?” Ayrin said, a little embarrassed, still half conscious.

“This is the infirmary in the Office of Special Affairs. You were unconscious for three days,” the female medical master answered. Then she introduced herself. “I'm called Cana, a medical master of the infirmary, also a graduate of the medical department in our Holy Dawn Academy. I was Ciaran's classmate.”

“So you're a medical master coming from our Holy Dawn Academy.” Ayrin became excited all of a sudden. Then he immediately thought of something and asked, his tone urgent, “Teacher Cana, how's Ferguillo?”

“He woke up before you did, he'll be fine.”

A dry cough came...

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