Chapter 168: The meaning of being alive

Chapter 168: The meaning of being alive

“What does that mean?”

“Why'd that guy suddenly become like this?”

“What has he done? He actually had to kill others, kill his own family, eat their corpses in order to survive?”

Ayrin stared blankly at Lotton. “Did he become so afraid because he remembered all those he killed? Has he always lived with such a fear inside him?”

“I'm going to kill you two!”

“All of you are my enemies. I can only live if I leave none of you alive.”

Lotton's trembling suddenly stopped. He lifted his head once again, terrifying pale-white particles starting to emerge on his entire face.

“Be careful!”

Ayrin suddenly pushed Charlotte fiercely away, sending her flying backward.

In the same instant, Lotton had already appeared near Ayrin.

His entire body was already covered with pale particles. These particles were constantly wriggling, looking like pale maggots, looking very terrifying.


The pale-white particles on the surface of his body suddenly...

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