Chapter 167: The God of Death's dread

Chapter 167: The God of Death's dread

The nerves in his eyes and his entire brains were fiercely hurting, as they always did during training.

But what was different this time was, Ayrin felt the surrounding darkness suddenly vanish. Everything became clear; everything in his surroundings seemed to have slowed down.


“The pressure from a powerful enemy like this really turned out to be useful! Haha!”

Ayrin couldn't hold back a proud, hearty laugh.

“You can still laugh? Ayrin, what's so funny!” Charlotte was shouting like this in her mind, but her inner fear also seemed to vanish like clouds along with Ayrin's laughter.

“Here I come!”

Successfully invoking the “Eyes of the Dark Goddess" in the midst of battle filled Ayrin with confidence. Laughing, he stopped Dragon Scale Assimilation.

The light glinting from his golden scales...

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