Chapter 166: A decisive battle with the God of Death

Chapter 166: A decisive battle with the God of Death

“Skunk Devil Summoning!”

Ayrin's hands were already in motion the moment Lotton lifted his head. A giant striped skunk fell from the air and released a cloud of stink.

“Just how much do you love this skill?!”

Charlotte was soon going to become crazy, but then she immediately came back to her senses. Ayrin could let Audrey and Ivan and the others find his position like this.

Only, even if Audrey and the others could rush over, would they be his match?

She was so nervous she couldn't breathe at all, even if Ayrin hadn't launched his skill,

The aura of death surrounding Lotton was really too terrifying. She'd never met an existence with such a fearsome aura even while undergoing missions in the army.

“It's no use,” Lotton suddenly said just then, looking at Ayrin.

“What the hell is this bloody thing!”

Ayrin suddenly felt Lotton's gaze hit him like something tangible. In this instant, he felt Lotton's eyes become wholly dark gray.

And in the same instant, he felt...

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