Chapter 165: Another encounter with the God of Death

Chapter 165: Another encounter with the God of Death

While the breaking of the water tower sent rumbles resonating underground, Holy Dawn Academy's residence was in a similar chaos.

“Who the hell is this old man!”

“Why is there such a Draconic arcane master in team Holy Dawn?!”

Two arcane masters wearing patroller uniforms were shrieking in hysteria.

Countless black streams of energy swirled around them.

The black streams transformed the entire surroundings of team Holy Dawn's lodging into a sea of chaos.

Within the previous few dozen seconds, three of their comrades had already been swept away by the power coming from the black streams.

They were already within thirty meters of team Holy Dawn's residence, but this distance seemed infinitely remote to them.

“Chris, don't let anyone inside,” an aged voice suddenly said inside the countless black streams revolving around the residence.

An extremely staunch female voice came back from within the residence: “Got it!”


Almost at the same time,...

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