Chapter 164 Art of the Dracolich

Chapter 164 Art of the Dracolich


Chirade looked around, then he couldn't see anything anymore. Swept along the torrent, he couldn't even distinguish north from south from east from west. He could no longer control his arcane skills either.

In front of this terrifying force, no one could control their own bodies.


Even Charlotte, when fully using her Heavy Ions, her body extremely heavy, could only let out a shout before being swept away.

Everyone seemed to be sucked into the depths of a whirlpool. They suddenly couldn't breathe, couldn't open their eyes.

Ivan, the one closest to the hole they'd come from, could feel himself sent flying by the current into the hole behind.

“Ayrin and Joyce's final struggle... can prevent the matrix from breaking damage and stop Eichemalar from falling...” Ivan had no thought about his own life or death. Instead, this was the only thing in his mind.

In the sky on the southern side of Eichemalar, many terrifying energies were still clashing against...

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