Chapter 163: The fractured Holy Water Tower!

Chapter 163: The fractured Holy Water Tower!


With Charlotte's chant, the silver metal fog suddenly shrank and once again condensed into a metallic avatar.

Lotton's right arm passed through the avatar's body, like it was confined by a huge silver lock.


Without any pause, Charlotte's soul war avatar landed a vicious punch on Lotton's head.

A puddle of blood appeared at Lotton's feet at the same time, but an Evil Flaming Eye suddenly soared behind him and exploded on his back with a rumbling “bang.”

Lotton suffered heavy strikes from both Charlotte and Ayrin at the same time.


However, what made Charlotte and Ayrin shout in disbelief was, Lotton merely shook for a second. His expression didn't even change at all.

He quickly pulled his arm away from the silver avatar's chest. Where the avatar had locked his arms, the metal was melting as burning from the heat.

Meanwhile, on the huge cylindrical water tower behind him, the mottled shadow that had been quickly enlarging on the stony...

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