Chapter 162: The God of Death's sudden appearance

Chapter 162: The God of Death's sudden appearance

“An opportunity!”

Charlotte also halted abruptly. Along with the outpour of a stream of arcane particles, the metallic avatar in front of her crashed on the fallen Lindon at an unprecedented speed.

A miserable scream immediately came from Lindon, as well as the sound of many broken bones.

At the same time, Ferguillo flashed without a sound beside Gullit.

“Feast of Death!”

His eyes continuously bleeding, Gullit fell backward. Countless black shadows drilled out from the ground at the same time, hurtling at Ferguillo.

But Ferguillo had completely seen through his actions. A crimson feather appeared in the air without a sound. Gullit directly crashed against this crimson feather.


The feather pierced through Gullit as if slicing through butter, splashing a bloody wave.

“It's our win!”

Ayrin braced his hands on his knees, breathing in pain, but his heart was filled with the joy of victory.

In this battle where two teams of six fought against each other,...

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