Chapter 161: Ferguillo's real secret

Chapter 161: Ferguillo's real secret

“Is this guy looking to die?”

Everyone on Massay's side had this sudden thought.

Ayrin had previously showcased a bizarre performance during the match against Mountain Kings Academy, but in such a close-range battle, everyone could feel that the power of Ayrin's arcane particles were merely at the level of a one-gate arcane master.

At such an arcane level, it was absolutely impossible to withstand the arcane skill invoked by a three-gate arcane master with the power of his own skills.

On top of that, Herry's “Mourning of the Three Fire Dragons” was a taboo skill from Three-Headed Dragon Academy.

To the knowledge of people outside the academy, only their school team's captain Lyos could grasp this taboo skill, and Lyos had gained his “Fire Dragon War God” sobriquet precisely thanks to the fearsome power of that skill.

This was without even mentioning that Herry used Blaze of Heart and Soul before launching this taboo skill. Herry's present attack was impossible to escape unscathed from even for Massay and the others if they tried to withstand it.


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