Chapter 160: Mourning of the Three Fire Dragons

Chapter 160: Mourning of the Three Fire Dragons

Charlotte's fight looked extremely difficult.

Her metallic war avatar was continuously melting under the onslaught of her opponent's burning dragon head, while her opponent, the boy wearing Three-Headed Dragon Academy's uniform, was sprinkling a great amount of arcane particles from his hands, a dark, moss-green fire revolving around him.

Along with the combustion of this dark moss-green fire, the undulation of arcane power around this Three-Headed Dragon boy also seemed to become greater and greater.

“Blaze of Heart and Soul.” This was a taboo skill from Three-Headed Dragon Academy that could continuously enhance one's power through the ignition of arcane particles.

No matter what arcane skill he would launch next, its might would definitely surpass the power it would usually have manyfold.

However, Charlotte wasn't the one in the direst spot from what Ayrin saw. It was Joyce instead.

His opponent was the shorty from Wind Whisperer Academy.

This Wind Whisperer shorty...

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