Chapter 159: First fight as an arcane team

Chapter 159: First fight as an arcane team

The exchange between Ferguillo and the Hawkmoon substitute immediately ignited the strained atmosphere.

“I'll handle Massay!” Audrey coldly hissed moments after Massay's shout.

Her pure-white hair fluttered back; her eyes suddenly turned white.

“Breath of the Icefire Dragon!”

The overwhelming power of a pale-white breath appeared in front of her in a strange mixture of ice and fire, charging in Massay's direction.

“Crazy woman, she directly used a taboo skill!”

Massay had originally looked as though he still wanted to issue some orders, but his expression suddenly changed when the fearsome breath soared in front of Audrey.

“Hell Chaos – Immortal!”

He joined his hands together and made more than a dozen hand seals in an instant, then compressed the arcane particles gushing out of him into strange shapes, like small cards fluttering around him.

Layer upon layer of yellow earth spurted under his feet, quickly enclosing him tight inside.

Audrey's attack was...

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