Chapter 158: Draconic scholar

Chapter 158: Draconic scholar

Carter stood in an empty clearing not far away from team Holy Dawn's residence. His brows furrowed when he watched the bewitching rays of light flashing nonstop in the sky, a rarely seen grave expression on his face.

He fell something all of a sudden. He turned around sharply.

“Senior Plum?”

He sighed in relief when he saw the old man clothed in black coming his way in quick strides. “Why are you also here?”

“What about Ayrin?”

Professor Plum looked at him and immediately said, using a voice only he and Carter could hear, “Because he's more important than all those scrolls I'm safeguarding.”

“What?” Carter blinked, confused as to what Professor Plum meant.

“He is born in darkness, baptized by the moon spring. The tree of life blesses him and sings his praises, the hallowed and immortal one.” Professor Plum's eyes glinted with light in the dark. He looked at Carter, his voice soft like the chant of an epic saga.

Carter's expression suddenly froze, shocked to the...

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