Chapter 156: A night of chaos

Chapter 156: A night of chaos

Night. Joyce, Sea God Academy's captain, walked inside the athlete village with a lunchbox in hand.

He'd just completed an exerting training mere moments ago and worked up a good sweat, then had had a nice bath. As a result, even if all the muscles in his body felt a little sore, he felt relaxed and comfortable, a feeling every vigorous young person should be familiar with.

“Joyce.” He heard someone call him all of a sudden.


He stared in a daze when he turned his head around.

Audrey's dainty figure that still radiated the domineering aura of a queen came his way not far away behind him. Her pure-white hair seemed to flutter slowly like snow, and her two thin eyebrows seemed to radiate a heroic aura like two tiny daggers.

While Joyce stood, a little dazed, Audrey actually took the initiative to say, “What, haven't had dinner yet?”

“I ate already, but I have a pretty good relationship with these guys from Fire Mountains Academy. Sloan, the teacher leading them,...

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