Chapter 155 Start tonight

Chapter 155 Start tonight

Many arcane masters hard to spot usually were gathered in the Law-Keeping Department's conference hall in Eichemalar.

Apart from some arcane masters at Special Affairs rank, the same as Liszt or Donna, there were even great figures belonging to the highest level, figures from the Office of Justice.

Even Angil, the chief royal adviser previously in charge of the national tournament's opening ceremony, could only face these great figures on equal footing.

“Are we certain it's Dias?”

“Reynolds used a secret skill the moment he died and left a death imprint. We are certain it's Dias, the most wanted criminal by the Office of Special Affairs.”

“According to the reliable information we previously had, Dias has already become one of the thirteen bishops of the Evil Dragon followers. His personal strength is enough to pose a threat to every arcane team in the Office of Special Affairs.”

“Dias is Wechberg's son. Wechberg was once one of the best craftsmen in Eichemalar's Renovation Guild. He was in charge of construction and remodeling projects...

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