Chapter 154: There's no word defeat in my dictionary (Part 2)

Chapter 154: There's no word defeat in my dictionary (Part 2)

“No ordinary arcane skill can be launched inside the World of Chaos. Nikita's huge ice sword, that's a permanent materialization skill! It's like it's only disassembled in ordinary times, and now she only needs to pull it out! That's the reason why she can use it!”

Amidst this tumult and chaos, Ayrin recovered from his state of shock. “Nikita can actually also use a permanent materialization skill? She's surprisingly strong. She won just like that!”

“Maybe Redrick was too focused on victory. He only thought about the combination of arcane skills that would bring him certain victory, but he neglected something.” In team Dragon Breath, captain Morgan shook his head with some sympathy....

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