Chapter 152: I still wants to steal and learn

Chapter 152: I still wants to steal and learn

“Heheh, Charlotte, it looks like these two skills really aren't so simple,” Ayring said, rubbing the hand Charlotte had bitten.

“Ayrin, you, you even have to upset me on purpose!” Charlotte stared at Ayrin, clenching her teeth. She simply couldn't preserve the demeanor of a virtuous lady. “Of course I know they're not that simple. They'd be very hard to learn for someone else.”

“I'm not talking about easy to learn or not.” Ayrin looked a little mysterious. “I'm saying, these two skills aren't as simple as they appear on the surface, there are still variations to them.”

“What variations?” Charlotte blinked. She realized her mistake.

“Watch carefully.”

An excited Ayrin turned around.

“Puff puff puff...”

Many soft sounds rose in the room. Bats rushed out in front of him, one after another. After hitting the wall in front of him, they pasted themselves on it without moving any further.


But all of a sudden, a black bat crashed into the wall and suddenly made a rumble,...

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