Chapter 151: A dream, or reality?

Chapter 151: A dream, or reality?

“Rinsyi, that little guy looks particularly serious when he watches Gezny. It seems he's very interested in Gezny.”

In team Golden Stag, that flirty girl with dark purple hair and black nails covered a giggle with her hand. “He's not even blinking.”

“Thinking about how to deal with him?” Rinsyi didn't turn his head back in the slightest or look at where Ayrin was. He merely said, his smile cold, “Too bad, he's wasting his energy no matter how earnestly he watches. Because if they really fought their way into the last eight and met us in a match, we'd face them with all our starters.”

“He really used this skill again.”

In the stands, Ayrin was still staring tight at Gezny.

Snow Wolf had already adopted a learning attitude. After meeting with three consecutive defeats, Sandro, the fourth member of the team to step on the field, didn't look particularly disappointed or afraid. He immediately signaled at Kleis he was ready to fight as soon as he came into the field. When Kleis announced the start of the fight, Gezny's body once again became bright red, his entire body beginning to melt into a puddle of blood.

“What's Sandro...

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