Chapter 149: Intangible show of strength

Chapter 149: Intangible show of strength

“Permanent materialization... Isn't that just like always carrying an arcane skill and smashing people with it?” Ayrin said, a little dumbstruck.

“You could say it like that.”

Charlotte counted on her fair fingers and said, “In the era of the War of the Dragons, among the legendary materialization skills, there were 'Ring of the Dracolich,' 'Burning Angel Sword,' 'Hammer of the Thunder God,' and so on. In fact, Draconic scholars even thought that the dragon crystals and monster crystals found inside some dragons and monsters were more or less the same as permanent materialization. The difference was that arcane masters' permanent materialization mostly took the shape of weaponry, while their dragon crystals and monster crystals took the form arcane energy sources. Some dragons could seal and store inside their own dragon crystals their most powerful arcane skill. For example, the flame dragon's 'Castle-Burning Breath,' 'Descent of Judgment Day,' and arcane skills like that. If they used them in ordinary times, they would consume all their arcane particles.”

“In that case, it's...

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