Chapter 148: Permanent materialization skill

Chapter 148: Permanent materialization skill

“Girls, brave warriors, do your best!”

“We won, so you girls have to win as well!”

In the contestants' preparation area, team Agate Lake was nervously waiting for their turn when all of a sudden, they heard a loud familiar voice shouting from the noisy stands.

“It's Ayrin. Why isn't he watching in the stands reserved for the participants, why'd he run into the spectator stands instead?”

“I think that's Charlotte. So that's the reason why, he came to watch with Charlotte!”

“This guy, he's afraid we won't hear him, so he's even jumping so high.”

“We see you! My word, he's cheering so hard for us, we definitely can't lose to Hunter Academy.”

In the stands, Ayrin cheered for team Agate Lake, totally unselfconscious. He desperate waved both his hands while jumping at the same time, leaping five to six meters high every time. He looked a little comical, but these girls from Agate Lake Academy waved back at him, smiling despite themselves, their nervousness dissipating for a moment.

“This guy is really very interesting.”

Team Golden Stag wasn't too far away from team Agate Lake. Seeing Ayrin bouncing and hopping, that flirtatious...

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