Chapter 145: The most wanted fugitive

Chapter 145: The most wanted fugitive

“Knock knock knock...”

In the quiet athlete village, there was a sudden clear knock at the door.

Immersed in a thick book, professor Plum lifted his head and said, facing the door, “Come in.”

The unlocked door creaked open. Ayrin smiled, a little embarrassed. “Sure enough, you're here, professor Plum.”

Professor Plum looked at Ayrin's arms swollen like two radishes and said, deadpan, “What happened to your arms? You can still knock with arms swollen like these?”

“They became like that after taking blows from my opponent in the match.” Ayrin used the tip of his foot and softly knocked on the door. Knock knock knock. “I tapped on the door with my foot.”

Professor Plum still wore an expressionless face. “Did you learn the two skills I gave you last time? Is the match over?”

“Yes.” Ayrin kept nodding. He said, his voice happy, “We won!”

“It's just a victory against a team at Mountain Kings Academy's level. What's there to be excited about?” Professor Plum looked at him, chiding him with a few words in a rigid voice, then asked again, “Why did today's match finish so ...

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