Chapter 144: Silver Trout Academy's genius freshman

Chapter 144: Silver Trout Academy's genius freshman

“It seems we were wrong as well about this team. We're the seeded team in this group, but the spectators in the stands seem to have forgotten about us now.” Among the silver-clothed members of team Silver Trout, there was a tall boy with dark-red hair and very fine facial features, except a red patch between his eyebrows. He looked at the stands boiling because of team Holy Dawn's unexpected performance, then turned around and looked at another boy beside him, one with a young and immature face and short black hair. He laughed coldly. “Shinro, you better go and remind them.”

“Captain, I...” There was a slight unexpected blush on the black-haired boy's fair face. He lowered his head, looking extremely bashful.

The members of team Silver Trout all seemed to be accustomed to his character. None of them seemed particularly surprised.

Team Silver Trout's captain, that boy with a red patch between his eyebrows, was called Nolan. He smiled coldly once again and said in a quiet voice, “We finished merely seventh last year, but this year... After this match, everyone should come to realize we're a strong contender for the title this time aroun...

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