Chapter 143: Appear, the second dark horse!

Chapter 143: Appear, the second dark horse!

“This guy wants to squeeze me dry this way.”

“Amazing Girl, victory is ours already.”

In the field, Ayrin came to a thorough understanding of Werther's plan.

He shook from head to toe and suffered from incomparable pain every time “Wrath of the Wizard Spirit” struck him. His arms, in particular, couldn't stop twitching in pain. Yet happiness surged in his chest.

He absorbed quite a few arcane particles every time “Wrath of the Wizard Spirit” battered him. Deducing the arcane particles he spent on invoking Evil Flaming Eyes, he was in a situation where he consumed his arcane particles at a seemingly exceptionally slow rate.

From Werther trying to win a war of attrition against him, things turned into him trying to run Werther dry instead.

On top of that, though he was cutting an extremely sorry figure trying to withstand the pressure of Werther's invocation speed, his bodily movements and his own invocation speed seemed to be forced into becoming a bit faster as well.

So this was simply like a celebrity-level contestant acting...

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