Chapter 142: He's the core

TN: Sorry for the slight delay. There's a sentence in this chapter that cuts off in the middle in the raws we got from the publisher. I looked at 20+ different (illegal) raws, and they all had the same thing. So in the end I had to leave it as it is.

Chapter 142: He's the core

“At least I replenished a part of it, I can go for another bout.”

Ayrin's face was still twisted by pain, but there were quite a lot of additional arcane particles inside his arcane gate. When he walked back into the field, his heart felt much more steadfast. His entire being seemed to feel quite a lot better.

“Why do you have to fight still?”

“Because I have to face celebrity-level fighters sooner or later. The last one on the other side, Wild Battlemaster Werther, isn't he precisely a celebrity contestant? I'll progress faster if I trade blows with an opponent of this level, and I'll probably accumulate quite a bit of experience as well.”

“You. He's such a formidable celebrity fighter, aren't you afraid at all?”

“They're all objectives I have to pursue and surpass, what is there to be afraid of?”


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