Chapter 141: Still hasn't had enough?

Masochist of Ice and Fire

Chapter 141: Still hasn't had enough?

“I've consumed almost all my arcane particles. I have to win with a blitz.”

“Looks like I can only use this tactic.”

His hands propped on his knees, Ayrin gasped fiercely for breath. He raised his head slightly and looked at Austin, Mountain Kings' fourth contestant, coming into the field.

Austin's expression was particularly bad.

Mountain Kings Academy had always traditionally been a strong team. As soon as the groups were drawn, all the observers believed that Mountain Kings Academy were the ones most likely to eliminate Silver Trout Academy and qualify into the top eight, in case Silver Trout had some harsh fights before they met.

He'd always been the number three in team Mountain Kings, his strength second only to vice-captain Rykiel and captain Werther. Previously, when they saw Holy Dawn Academy's school team, he had also been the one who mocked them the loudest. But now, looking at Ayrin's clearly tired and spent appearance, he still didn't have any confidence in his victory.

“How should I fight?”

His thoughts tangled...

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