Chapter 140: Triumphant advance

TN: The guy was called Robert before, but now the author calls him Dylant or something like that. I'll stick to Robert. The author actually changed Rykiel to Kiel too.

Chapter 140: Triumphant advance

Two wins in successions. It was also merely their second team member.

Everyone in team Mountain Kings was sweating some cold sweat.

Bolton, the teacher in charge of team Mountain Kings, looked at Robert while the latter was getting ready to take to the field. He originally wanted to say something like, “Robert, you're nicknamed the Binding Expert. Your arcane skills should easily restrict him.” But then, he remembered that he also told Kunrin just earlier that he could suppress Ayrin merely by relying on his speed, and in the end Ayrin beat him instead with his agility. So this sentence died in his throat and didn't come out.

“You have to win for sure!”

Their heads dripping with sweat, Captain Werther and the other members of team Mountain Kings still clear of mind looked at Stingham shouting as he pleased on the other side, their minds in turmoil. They didn't even know what to feel.

“Team Holy Dawn's actually...

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