Chapter 139: Winning back to back!

Chapter 139: Winning back to back!

“He directly lost just like that?”

“Violent Bear Rykiel, his loss is too depressing.”

“So treacherous. I get it! It's definitely Holy Dawn Academy's overall strategy. They let their first contestant get beaten up and used him as a sacrifice to lower their opponent's guard, and then cleanly beat their opponent with a surprise attack. It's definitely a method their leader Carter came up with!”

“They directly traded an ordinary teammate for the one ranked second in strength among their opponents, that's an amazing deal.”

The stands were in an uproar. Most of the spectators were swearing at team Holy Dawn for being really too treacherous.

However, a small minority saw Ayrin's performance in an entirely different light.

“Evil Flaming Eye, Crown of Ice and Snow, added to Fountain of Slowness and Touch of Bones. In such a short amount of time, he already learned so many entirely different skills.” Ivan breathed in deeply, talking to himself. “I lost to you and sent you off to the national tournament, it seems it was well really well deserved.”

“Really the most unpredictable guy. That...

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