Chapter 137: Strange team, onstage

Chapter 137: Strange team, onstage

“Is this weeds-level team underestimated like Hellfire Academy?”

The spectators in the stands kept their eyes on team Holy Dawn, all of them thinking something like this.

Breith Magazine clearly tried to create some amusing and sensational content, so they exaggerated on purpose. Yet, regardless, Holy Dawn Academy should have been an unknown, obscure team, and now they became the focus of attention.

Very quickly, the first match between team Holy Dawn and team Mountain Kings began.

“Mountain Kings Academy against Holy Dawn Academy, first fight, Rykiel against Moss!”

Still wearing a gloomy expression because of the accident on the first day of the tournament, the main referee announced the names of the first contestants to step into the field.

When he heard that vice-captain Rykiel was the first one to fight for team Mountain Kings, Ayrin couldn't help but mumble, “Violent Bear Rykiel. This guy's unexpectedly making his appearance as soon as the match begins.”

“Victory or defeat in the first fight has a very great influence on the confidence and momentum of the next team members. That's why, the vanguards are usually relatively powerful, and relatively all-around types of fighters,” Carter said with a faint smile when...

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