Chapter 136: A first match earlier than expected

Chapter 136: A first match earlier than expected

“Look, team Holy Dawn is here!”

“These guys, they're too arrogant. It doesn't even look like they have someone frightening like Lotton.”

“I even heard they qualified this year after a preliminary qualification match, but they actually still disregard team Mountain Kings as if they were nothing.”

Third day of the group stage. Ayrin and the others heard many such voices as soon as they came to the Arena of Fire and Blood.

“What's the matter?”

They were all a little startled. They thought, they'd tried to stay as low-profile as they could these two days. Yesterday they trained all day at their residence, they didn't go out even to eat. They only heard at night that nothing unexpected happened in group two. Winterfell and the other strong teams all defeated their opponents and advanced to the top thirty-two.

“Breith Trading Company!”

Sophia was the first one to realize when she remembered by association the interview from Breith Magazine after the first day of the tournament. She immediately ran to the nearest...

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