Chapter 135: Vying for the fighting sequence

Chapter 135: Vying for the fighting sequence

Every corner of messy Breith Trading Company had been cleaned. A dozen printing greatmasters hurried with the manufacture of picture prints. But just then, one of Breith employees suddenly rushed inside like a madman, and out loud, “Stop, Stop!”

“What's the matter?”

“Something huge happened! A guy from team Hellfire called Lotton killed Dylan Norton! Team Hellfire eliminated team Hornwood! Hurry up! We have to redo the magazine's cover!”

“What, Hornwood's Double Stars were... directly killed in the tournament?”

In this printing workshop inside Breith Trading Company, every craftsman looked aghast.

“Where on earth did this Lotton come from?”

“What the hell is his bloodline? Why is he so strong?”

There were originally four matches planned the first day of the tournament. But Lotton killed Dylan, and almost killed the Hornwood Academy's second fighter as well. The match ended with the other three contestants from team Hornwood all forfeiting. As a result, the other two matches in group one, upper half, were entirely neglected.

Because, no matter who won the other two matches and how they won it, there would be very little difference...

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