Chapter 134: A true god of death

Chapter 134: A true god of death

“He died... Dylan Norton actually died just like that...”

“Dylan Norton's so powerful, but against him, the match was entirely one-sided. He got directly killed... Even an arcane master like Kleis wasn't in time to block it. That guy... Who the hell is he!”

All the members of team Mountain Kings stood on trembling, unsteady legs.

“How did things turn out like this?”

Many girls even started crying in the stands.

Especially for Dylan's fan groups. Every one of them was deathly pale, their minds empty. They simply couldn't accept the scene in front of their eyes.

In theory, you gambled your life in the battles of this tournament. Severe injuries would frequently occur, even death was a possibility. But even so, the main referee, the assistant referees, or even the medical team, all of them were arcane masters standing at the peak of the entire kingdom. Injuries so severe they led to death were extremely rare. To be killed on the spot in the tournament, that was something that might not happen even once in seven or eight years, even more so.


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