Chapter 133: Fatality

The stands temporarily quieted down again when the members on both sides stepped in the field.

Dylan Norton watched Lotton come his way with eyes dripping with disdain.

Apart from hot-bloodedness, arrogance and worshiping the strong were the trademark of youth.

The two brothers Dylan Norton and Feit Norton were celebrity contestants in the national tournament, the same as Joyce or Audrey. They were called the “Double Radiant Stars” of Hornwood Academy. That was why, just like how Mountain Kings Academy totally looked down on team Holy Dawn, Dylan was also completely looking down on this team Hellfire.

“You walk so slow, are you trying to stay a moment longer in the national tournament?”

That was why, when he saw Lotton walking very slow, he couldn't help but mock him in a soft voice once Lotton stood in front of him.


His short brown hair in a mess, the oval-faced Lotton raised his head and softly said, “I'm merely letting you see the sunlight for a bit longer.”

This member of team Hellfire had seemed a little humble, as though...

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