Chapter 132: Danger onstage

Chapter 132: Danger onstage

“It's Cuswoth!”

Sophia let out a soft breath as soon as she saw the second contestant to take to the field for Dragon Breath Academy.


Ayrin careless thought it was Rinloran walking in there.

Because the second team member fighting for Dragon Breath Academy had long silver-white hair, ears that seemed very pointy as well. He looked very much like Rinloran.

“Sophia, it's another high-level elven bloodline?” Ayrin couldn't help but ask.

“That's right.” Sophia said, “I told you before, four of the main members of team Dragon Breath have dragon blood. The one left is this one, the high-level elven bloodline, “Heavenly Singer” Cuswoth.”

Just then, Stingham stuck his nose in and asked, since he wanted to deliberately ask questions, “Heavenly Singer? Is he a dancer?”


Two girls from team Agate Lake were in the middle of drinking water. When they heard Stingham's question, the two girls directly spat out water from their mouths.

“...” Moss and the others were also thoroughly speechless.

Even taking it literally, singing and dancing were two different things.


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