Chapter 131: The stronger, the more exciting

Chapter 131: The stronger, the more exciting

“Dragon Breath Academy against Sea God Academy, fifth fight, Audrey against Joyce!”


As soon as the voice rose, a cone of ice taller than a man already stuck itself into the ground in front of Joyce. It broke, covering the area in snow-white fragments of ice.

Joyce's figure had already vanished. There was only a blue wave left, taller than two men, traveling back and forth not far away from the area covered by ice fragments.

“What a fast skill invocation speed!”

“Both of them are equally fast!”

The spectators became even more excited when they saw the two opponents were truly about the same strength.

“Tears of the Drake Spirit!”

Joyce's grave and serene chant suddenly emerged from the blue wave traveling here and there on the field.

Another huge blue wave rose from the ground, even more gigantic. It belched blue balls of water, one after another, like a big fish spitting drops of water.

“That's not an ordinary water skill!”

“If you carelessly step on them, you might well be immediately stuck.”

The vast majority of people...

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