Chapter 130: Queen of Ice and Snow against Siren Song

Destroyer of ice and Fire

Chapter 130: Queen of Ice and Snow against Siren Song

“I don't know.”

Chris shook her head and said with a solemn air, “Without fighting her, I have no idea.”

Ayrin couldn't help but laugh.

He knew what Chris meant. Chris was someone who had an extraordinary instinct for battle. She often would make the best decisions in a fight, and burst out with a fighting strength stronger than during training. Hence, without fighting her, she didn't know how the fight would go. But Chris didn't say she couldn't beat her. That meant Chris was confident she could win even when faced with a powerhouse like Audrey.

Chris said she didn't know, but Stingham immediately laughed out loud when he heard Ayrin. “I'm sure I can beat Audrey. But Audrey looks so pretty, I can't bear to hit her... After the match, I might as well go ask her if she has a boyfriend.”

“...” Moss and the others became speechless.

Belo pushed his glasses. “You probably didn't transfer to our school on your own, right? Golden Lion Academy probably...

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