Chapter 128: A lopsided fight

Chapter 128: A lopsided fight

“Hurricane Assault!”

Ligiel bellowed almost subconsciously, his body icy-cold. Dazzling beams of arcane particles gushed out of his hands in steady streams.

All the huge sails standing erect in the field suddenly surrounded Audrey. Wild gusts of wind started to blow from every sail, pressing in her direction.

“What a powerful skill!”

Ayrin couldn't stop himself and shouted, “Wild gusts of winds like these are almost like hurricanes on the seas, right? Moss, if it were you, you might not even be able to move an inch under the force of this hurricane. The teams in the national tournament are something else, any random arcane skill out there is that powerful!”

“...” Moss was speechless. “Why are you talking about me!”

“Look at them, look at them... It's too funny. They're shouting and yelling at the sight of any random arcane skill.”

“This bunch of guys really came to fight, they didn't come to hype the mood?”

When they saw that Ayrin couldn't refrain from shouting, team Mountain...

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