Chapter 127: The strongest girl

Chapter 127: The strongest girl

“Look look, it's that team that's ranked as weeds-level but still boasts about becoming champion.”

“Haha, this is really a bunch of comedians.”

The other teams took note of team Holy Dawn as soon as they entered the Arena of Fire and Blood.

“There are really a lot of people outside. It's a good thing contestant teams have a tunnel reserved for them. At least we don't have to line up to come in and watch the tournament, and we don't need to buy tickets either,” Stingham said with a proud face, combing his hair at the same time.


He suddenly noticed Ayrin holding many fruits and eating them, so he couldn't stop himself from asking, “Ayrin, where did your fruits come from? I clearly remember you didn't have any outside, how come you're gorging yourself now?”

“I got them at the entrance over there. I asked them, they supply fruits free of charge in the stands reserved for teams participating in the tournament,” Ayrin explained. Then he handed over some fruits in front of Stingham. “Stingham, do you want to eat them? The peaches and longan fruits are both particularly...

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