Chapter 126: First day of the tournament

Chapter 126: First day of the tournament

“Your injury isn't completely healed yet. To forcibly use Ghost World – Touch of Death just to teach these two teams a lesson, the price is a bit too great,” Ferguillo faintly said to Ivan, walking beside him on the street outside the restaurant.

“As long as I can shut up these northern blokes and feel happy, what do I care about the price,” Ivan faintly said.

“Your temperament's exactly the same as it used to be,” Ferguillo said, throwing him a glance.

“Aren't you the same.” Ivan humped in contempt. From these two's manners, they seemed at daggers drawn. Their relationship didn't look good at all.

But after a humph, Ivan faintly raised his head and looked at the Everlasting Tower at the highest reaches of Eichemalar. He said, “Before, I thought the strongest in St. Lauren should be you and us, that it would have been the best outcome if your team and our team were to represent St. Lauren in the competition. I never thought we would be both eliminated this time.”

“Training painstakingly for a year, even grasping an arcane skill like Ghost World – Touch of Death. You...

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