Chapter 125: Underestimated teams

Chapter 125: Underestimated teams

“Let's go, we can only eat somewhere else.” Team Mountain Kings' captain, Werther, the “Wild Battlemaster” of resounding fame, looked through the windows at team Holy Dawn in high spirits. He shook his head in contempt. “Look at them, it's like they're celebrating a victory.”

The vice-captain Rykiel, nicknamed the “Violent Bear,” said with a great laugh, “Haha, captain, that's not far from the truth. For them, it's already a victory to reach the nationals.”

Austin was a very eerie-looking starting member of the team. His face was veiled by long, black scattered hair, with only a strip in the middle of his face left exposed, both his eyes almost covered in half. He coldly said, “Let them eat. When the match comes around, I'll beat them up until they puke it out.”

“It's not like the match is tomorrow. They'll have digested all of it by the time we fight, they won't spit it out even if they wanted to.” The group of people laughed loudly while while they went away behind captain Werther.

Just at this time, the laughter...

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