Chapter 124: Before the tournament starts

Chapter 124: Before the tournament starts

“Agate Lake Academy against Hunter Academy.”

When they finished announcing the match-ups for group one, lower half, everyone in Agate Lake Academy became silent.

Golden Stag Academy finished third the previous year. It was a team Breith Magazine evaluated as a monster-level team.

Hawkmoon was a team ranked tenth last year. People even thought there wasn't that much of a gap between them and the top eight seeded teams. Breith Magazine ranked it as an outstanding team.

Apart from that, in the same group, there were also Orkmont Academy, Snow Wolf Academy, and, facing Agate Lake in the first match, Hunter Academy. All of them were ranked as strong teams.

This group was the definition of a group of death.

The most important was, even if Agate Lake Academy won the first match, then their next opponent according to the present draw would be the winner between Golden Stag Academy and Snow Wolf Academy.

Snow Wolf Academy was publicly recognized as a strong team, but they shouldn't be a match for team Golden Stag at peak condition.

That was why, if Agate...

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